Let’s play a game at the beginning, just imagining the following situation: Being a monkey who is very familiar with life in the wilderness, swinging from trees, flinging poo on unsuspecting ground-dwellers, eating bananas. But things have chan



Is it necessary to buy phone screen protector?

Posted on 04/11/2013 by Focalprice

       After buying an expensive smartphone, and you don't want it to get scratched up in your purse or pocket. But do you need to add a screen protector as now that most phones have scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass, And can these thin pieces of plastic really help p



Most recommended phone batteries on Focalprice.com

Posted on 04/10/2013 by Focalprice

     Focalprice.com is a site that can satisfy you almost every gadget needs with cheap prices and high quality. One important point is that even you buy a 1 dollar item,it can shipped to you with worldwide free shipping. Of course it will take nearly 3-4 weeks to get your



Process of selecting one perfect mobile phone case

Posted on 04/09/2013 by Focalprice

        With the spread of mobile phone, most of the consumers have noticed the importance and convenience of the the mobile devices. So today I will discuss about one pretty important phone accessory which will protect your beloved mobile phones---smartphone



The most reviewed smartphone on Focalprice.com

Posted on 04/08/2013 by Focalprice

           As the introduction of new technology, nearly all phones are smartphones. So buying a new smartphone seem like a daunting task. There's a dizzying array of different kinds of devices, each with a different set of features that may or may no



Top 3 android phone on Focalprice.com

Posted on 04/08/2013 by Focalprice

  With the development of new technology, most of the work and entertainment can be done by android cell phones, with instant access to email, the web, and your favorite media, smartphones have become ubiquitous in today’s digital world and can be found in many areas. In many ways, t



Ramos W32 Intel Z2460 Dual-core Android Tablet Review

Posted on 03/28/2013 by Focalprice

     Nowadays, almost all of the Android tablets running with ARM microchips. All of these chips perform very good in Android running environment. They are capable for our daily use of tablets. You may tried running Android OS on PC via a simulator, but have you seen that a t



Important Factors When Choosing 10.1 inch tablet

Posted on 03/28/2013 by Focalprice

             What is the most important factors when choosing a 10.1 inch tablet? I have consulted several electronic experts and concluded as follows:1.       HOW YOU’LL USE IT.Genera



5V 2A Power Adapter for Tablet PC

Posted on 03/26/2013 by Focalprice

          When I go on a vacation or business trip, I seem to always have issues charging all my USB enabled gadgets. I either forget to bring along a bazillion individual USB AC adapters or I have issues running out of USB ports on my laptop. Sometimes I



Most Recommendable Wrapsol Tablet Screen Protector

Posted on 03/25/2013 by Focalprice

   I don’t normally use tablet screen protectors for my beloved electronics. As most screen and body protectors require liquid for a smooth application, and the application directions warn you to remove the battery and keep the device turned off for a couple of days until the liquid
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