New Year, New Appearance about Home Decorations

Posted on 12/29/2011 by Focalprice

How time flies! The New Year is just around the corner. Just as what Chinese always said, a new year, a new appearance. If you plan to invite your friends for a shindig at home, you may want to change your house’s decorations.

A new appearance doesn’t mean making a fuss about your house. Just by changing, adding or moving something, it will make a big different.

First, clean and tidy up your house. Before you decorate your house, you have to clean it. Or else, you will get half the result with twice the effort at last. During cleaning, you can discard some out-of-date and unnecessary items.

Second, move furniture. Change the positions of your furniture when you clean your house. Different arrangements will look different.

Third, deck the wall. Wall is the biggest component in your house. When others step into your house, the first glance will be the wall. A different color and pattern will bring a breath of fresh air. With wall decal stickers, decorations become so easy now. Choose your favorite patterns and stick it to the wall.

Fourth, add some new decorations. Christmas is just a few days away. Keep your Christmas decorations. Waste is not advocated. If you want to add some small decorations, perhaps you will like table decorations or hanging decorations. Flowers are the best decorations of holidays. To match with flowers, PVC vases are getting more popularity than traditional pottery vases. And with a gentle breeze a wind chime at a proper place will make your mood more pleasant.

Last, light your house. If you invite your friends in the evening, night light or candle light is a must. And your lover will also like candle light dinner with you.

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